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PM O'Neill urges Papua New Guineans to buy PNG Made products

Prime  Minister Peter O’Neill is encouraging Papua New Guineans to buy products that are made locally in the country.  He wants them to spend their money on locally produced goods and food rather than imports.
O’Neill told parliament last week that Papua New Guinea needed investments to replace imported products and one thing to make this happen is for citizens to prefer buying PNG made or produced.
“We as a country cannot continue to depend on imports in the long term,” he said.
“This is not healthy for us and that’s why the Government is emphasising on investments in the country to replace our imports and one of this is the production of Ilimo Milk just outside Port Moresby.” O’Neill said at Ilimo Dairy Farm outside Port Moresby at 14-Mile along Sogeri Road was a testament of the Government’s emphasis to encourage local production.
“Some people think we are not able to produce milk here in the country when we first launched this project with the Israel company,” he said.
“But now you see, they are producing fresh milk and is already on the shelves in stores and supermarkets.
“Now you will realise that the price of the imported milk will go down.
“Where were they in the first place for not reducing their price?
“I am encouraging our citizens to buy locally produced milk and other products that are produced locally so we grow our local industries within the country to create employment opportunities and venture into producing other products that we now depend only from imports.”
O’Neill said the Government would continue to encourage investments in the country to replace imports and that was why priority was given to the agriculture sector in the 2018 Budget.
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