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Singirok on Gun Control in Papua New Guinea

Chairman of the Guns Control Committee former Commander of the PNG Defence Force Major-General (retired) Jerry Singirok said the government needs to invest heavily on border security in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Singirok was the Chairman of the Guns Control Committee set up in 2005 to come up with recommendation to address issues on guns violence in the country.

Two hundred and forty-four recommendations were made by the guns committee however nothing been done to addressed the recommendations by the Government.

Mr Singirok said stringent control measures should be taken by the government at entry points such as our borders to monitor and curb the entry of these deadly weapons.

Mr Singirok was speaking on the NBC's Morning- Tru show today, Tuesday the 20th of February, 2018.

"The other biggest issue that I need to tell the public is that we have a border security problem.

“The government has not invested much in security forces to give them the ability to ensure that the border control is enforced, for example, at Wutung, Batas the Indonesian check point is the weakest, weakest point”.

NBC News
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