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Demonstrate Generosity and Sacrifice for the Good of our Communities : PM O'Neill

PNG PM O'Neill
Demonstrate Generosity and Sacrifice for the Good of our Communities :  Prime Minister O’Neill’s 2018 Easter Message

To the Men, Women and Children of Papua New Guinea.

From my family and the National Government, I extend our warmest and most sincere greetings at Easter.

This is a time of year when we must reflect on the value of generosity and sacrifice for the good of our communities and loved ones.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross for us he made the most enormous sacrifice.

In our daily lives, particularly this Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we must remember this sacrifice for humanity.

Our Christian faith teaches us to be tolerant, to love our Brothers and Sisters and to live by example in our words and actions.

In our daily lives we have to make sacrifices and be generous in all of our dealings.

Since February we have seen sacrifice from our people in the response to the devastating Highlands Earthquake.

Our emergency services personnel, disaster response workers, government officials, workers from the private sector and people from Churches and NGOs have been working tirelessly.

Together they are doing everything they can to restore normalcy to the lives of those in the disaster zone, and to rebuild towns and villages.

There is a lot of work to do in the coming months and years as our Nation recovers from this disaster.

In our prayers this Easter we must remember Papua New Guineans who died as a result of the earthquake, and the hardship that has been imposed on the survivors.

We live in a great country, with thousands of years of rich cultural tradition, and a country that finds unity in our diversity.

This year we will be welcoming more than fifteen thousand friends from around the Asia Pacific region to Papua New Guinea for APEC.

This includes the Leaders of 20 of the largest economies in the world, accounting for more than half of total global trade and investment.

This is our chance to showcase our Nation and our potential to the world, to increase jobs and to strengthen our economy.

We are currently going through massive change, and we are seeing improvements right around the country.

This positive change needs to be embraced by every person in Papua New Guinea and together we can drive this forward.

No matter what job we do in Government, in business, or other organisations, we need to set an example for others.

The Leaders of this Nation in particular, must lead by example for our people.

We are now in the first year of the Tenth Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

All Members of the Parliament have made commitments and promises to our people.

We have all sworn an oath and we have promised the Nation that we will work hard, be honest and make personal sacrifice for Papua New Guinea.

Success is never served on a silver platter, but it comes about through hard work and commitment.

Together we will continue to advance our Nation, educate our children, improve healthcare, make our communities safer and build the infrastructure needed for an even stronger Nation.

May God continue to Bless you and your families this Easter, and may God continue to Bless Papua New Guinea.

Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP,
Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea
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