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Ialibu Secondary School burnt down , PM O’Neill orders arrest of those involved

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill is disappointed with the damage done to infrastructure at a school in the Ialibu Pangia district of Southern Highlands.
O’Neill told The National that a lot of money had been spent on classrooms and dormitories at the Ialibu Secondary School which were burnt down yesterday. Some students were understood to have been injured.
O’Neill, the Ialibu-Pangia MP, called on the police to arrest those involved in the destruction of the school properties.
There had been some differences over the management of the school after two principals were posted there since the start of the academic year.
Deputy principal administration Joel Yaki said this week one principal had been appointed by the provincial education board and the other by the chairman of the board two weeks after the first appointment.
“This week will be Week Nine and we are still confused who the principal is. There is a big confusion in the school,” he said.
“Despite this classes are going on as normal but there is still confusion on how to or who to see as the headmaster or principal of the school.
“We have over 1700 students and 500-plus are boarding students. We want the position to be clarified. It’s nearly the end of term one and we want to start next term with a principal.”
Yaki said because there were two principals, teachers had to fill in two resumption forms to be signed by the two heads. The National/PNG Today
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