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Rumours of Mt Bosavi Volcano eruption making villagers flee: MAF

There is grave concern that those fleeing their villages due to rumours are susceptible to danger.
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and its associated ministry, Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF), have revealed that the Mt Bosavi eruption rumours in Southern Highlands Province are making people flee.

“This is false information. Scientists have been helicoptered in to view and study the volcano. They have declared that there is no danger from an eruption and have been to speak to people in the villages.

“We have also confirmed this information with scientists at the University of PNG,” said the MAF.

“However, due to rumours on social media, many are fleeing their villages on the mountain and are going to the valleys away from the mountain. This is a bad choice.

“First, there is a great danger of flooding in the valleys right now. Secondly, helicopters are bringing food, water and medical aid to the villages and if you leave the villages, they won’t be able to find you.

“MAF, CRMF and many other aid agencies are requesting that you stay near your village so they can find you.”

Meantime, the MAF and CRMF continue to coordinate emergency medical plane flights for those who have no roads to get to a hospital.

“If you need an emergency plane flight to a hospital, please call MAF at 7373 9988 or 7373 9882.

“While telephones are not working in many places, the CRMF HF radio network is still up and running and people can use it to call for medical assistance on CRMF emergency channel 5 (frequency 5895).

“Please let us know about emergency medical problems as they are our priority.

“We are also collecting information about other problems such as damaged airstrips, road closures, polluted water supplies, food shortages and damages to clinics, schools and other important buildings.

“MAF is passing that information on the relevant government authorities.”

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and its associated ministry, Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF), have been serving the people of PNG since the early 1950s.

(Picture by MAF) . Press Release

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