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Managers of Solmal deny ordering products

Managers of the Solmal Shopping Centre in Buka that was looted last Friday have denied claims by protesters of allegedly ordering thongs (Slippers) that had the symbol of the Bougainville flag on them.

North Bougainville Regional Police Commander Inspector Kinglsey Lua, said the managers revealed this when speaking to the police after the raid by angry protesters.

Inspector Lua said the locals protested because having the symbol on the thongs portrayed a sense of disrespect to the Autonomous region people.

Lua said the managers claimed that there was misunderstanding by the protesters towards the shop were the managers claimed that it was not them but other shops.

Because of the protest, a police vehicle was vandalized, two shops looted with several injuries sustained by employees of the second store looted.

Lua said people raided the shop but police were on scene to stop half of the products been stolen by looters.

He condemned actions of the frustrated protesters saying this was unbecoming of the people especially with the referendum coming up, this paints a bad picture.

He said these protests have led to opportunists taking advantage to loot and steal. He added that people must show respect and speak to authorities in dealing with matters professionally. PNGFM
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