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Cervical Cancer Survivor speaks of her Experience

Elizabeth Janjara was 42 back in the year 2000 when she discovered that she had cervical cancer and was completely shocked about the diagnosis.
‘’I never imagined myself being a victim to cancer and most importantly I didn’t know what to do,’’ she said.
One morning she woke up realising that she was bleeding and could not have done much and she knew from that very moment she needed help.
‘’I was feeling abdominal pains, lower back pains and I realised I had lost a lot of weight within just a few weeks.”
‘’I was rushed to the hospital and after consulting the doctors, I found out that I had cervical cancer and needed urgent medical assistance overseas,” she said.
Elizabeth proudly said that with the help and support from families and friends she was able to undergo treatment overseas and now is a survivor of cervical cancer.
‘’When I speak to other women of this preventable disease, it’s the greatest sense of fulfillment knowing I can help educate others so no other woman has to learn the facts the hard way like I did.”
Janjara was a guest speaker at the “Biggest Morning Tea” event in line with the Let’s Talk Cancer Awareness Campaign at the Lamana Hotel, Port Moresby where she gave her testimony.
The event was hosted by Kalang Events Management.

PNGFM : Picture: Janjara at the "Biggest Morning Tea" event.
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