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SHPHA tapping in technology

The Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (SHPHA) has tapped into reliable ways of running its health affairs in the province.

SHPHA Chief Executive Officer Dr Joseph Birisi said yesterday (25/05/18) in Mendi that his PHA would like to lead in information technology to run its health sector conveniently.

Technologies help save times and resources to achieve results and the hospital chief was fond of adapting it into his health system in the province.

“Technology strengthening and system fixing is very important to run effective health systems in the province,” Dr Birisi said while thanking the National Department of Health (NDoH), the Finance Department and partners to making it happen for the people of Southern Highlands.

He said, given those in place, it calls for our indications to improve. Dr Birisi claimed

“It will improve on our clinics, standards and accreditation, transport, human resource and finance,” an elated Dr Birisi said.

The PHAs PNG Government Accounting System (PGAS) or the cheque printing system was installed yesterday with the help from the finance and health department.

They have the Asserts Registry Management in place which would also see all the asserts of the PHA registered and also in place was the surveying in progress PHA (lands) properties, according to Dr Birisi.

“Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) is one other thing that the NDoH guys are working on,” he said adding that with having all those blessings focused at SHPHA, he would also like the support form stakeholder, business houses and communities to take ownership of those facilities.

The HMIS is vital thing that would keep all records, data, asserts so that accurate information is accessed elsewhere regarding the SPHA.

While the hospital is awaiting more of the work on information-technology related work, he also applauded the Works & Implantation Minister and Member for Mendi-Imbogu Hon Michael Nali and Oil Search Foundation for relieving the hospital with some latest hospital equipment costing more than K3million.

“Those donations are timely as that would merge with our readily awaiting technology that are in place,” Dr Birisi said.

Meanwhile the PHA is proud to announce the first budget of K30.7m since its inception into the PHA (Wan System Tasol”) on April, 2016.

“Though much of the budget submitted was cut affecting personal emolument and goods and serves, we expect to see services delivered.” The CEO said adding that budget would focus mainly on rural health facilities.

The PHA boss’s focus was a bottom up approach that would saw all five districts in the province have district hospitals respectively.

He said despite challenges that hindered some progresses the hospital is focused in service delivery because they had partners like WHO, UNICEF, Oil Search Foundation, World Vision and technical support coming from NDoH.

“We are still a infant PHA, having gone through problems related to elections, earthquake, shortages to workers but we would ensure, we provide the services here that would attract a lot of doctors and medical workers here to our province,” the CEO said.

Dr Birisi would want to see consistency in service delivery so he called on the Provincial Administration and District Development Authorities to assist where possible too.


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