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Police Offer stabbed to death

A police officer from Morobe province was stabbed to death on Wednesday night after attending to a complaint from Nawaeb MP at the Nabak Settlement.

Northern Divisional Commander Peter Guinis said the police officer and two other female colleagues went to attend to the complaint and were returning when their vehicle encounted a tyre problem. Some criminals from the nearby settlement attacked them and stabbed the officer multiple times.

He said local police were at the scene and rescued the female officers and the victim however died along the way.

Guinis said a suspect was shot dead and another apprehended whilst a police raid yesterday resulted in two more suspects apprehended.
He said there was no motive in the killing of the officer were he was not provoked adding that the killing of the officer was unnecessary.

He called on the Nabak settlement community leaders for a total cooperation with police and apprehend suspects involved in the killing of the officer.

Mr Guinis said police have identified suspects and are on the lookout for them. PNGFM / PNG Today

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