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PNG-Australia partnership supports local contractors to deliver essential road maintenance

Road users, the Department of Works, and local contractors are benefitting from essential road maintenance works funded through the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership. These critical works are helping local small and medium-sized contractors to strengthen their businesses and improve traffic flow on the national road network.

In 2017, the Papua New Guinea-Australia partnership supported more than K60 million of maintenance works on national priority roads. These works were delivered by more than 70 different local contractors and contributed to safer, more reliable roads.Marcus Wamugl, project manager for R and Sons, is pleased with the opportunities.

    “Regular and reliable contracts allow small and medium-sized businesses like ours to grow and participate in essential road maintenance and gives us the confidence to bid for larger projects.

“The close supervision and support is valued and helps our crew to fully understand the latest standards and specifications for road maintenance.”

Local contractors compete for maintenance contracts to cut grass, clear drainage, patch potholes, repair bridge decks and reseal short sections of the national road network. This way the Department of Works can respond to emerging requirements on the road and put maintenance first.

Works Secretary, David Wereh, highlights the value of a strong local contracting industry.

“I am delighted to see our local road contractors delivering high quality road maintenance. It is important that we continue to support and strengthen a competitive, skilled, and well-resourced local contracting industry.

“The Department continues to put maintenance first and small and medium-sized businesses are central to the delivery of our National Road Network Strategy.”

Australia has supported three workshops for small and medium-sized local contractors in 2017. These covered topics such as running a business, compliant bids, pricing risks effectively, contractor performance, and managing contractor finances.

Australia’s support for road maintenance is delivered through the Papua New Guinea – Australia Transport Sector Support Program.
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