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PNG Police to use drones in the battle against drugs

The battle against marijuana in the Chimbu Province of Papua New Guinea will be boosted with the use of drones, PNG police said yesterday.

Chimbu Province Operation Widim Drug Commander Yatefa Welis said the Chimbu Provincial Government had indicated it would purchase a couple of drones to assist them to combat marijuana which was becoming a serious problem in the country.

This would help in identifying marijuana plants secretly grown in remote locations and police to conduct raids following information collected from the drones.

The Chimbu Police Drug squad has received support from two medical staff at the Sir Joseph Nombri Kundiawa General Hospital recently when they helped with a drone.

This was however for a documentary on the drug squad’s performance over the last 10 years. The photos taken from the drone has helped the drug squad.

“We’re happy Dr Zorik Olangi and Elivis Gend from the hospital have come in with a drone to purposely do a documentary on the fight against drug in this province. We have word that the Provincial Government under Governor Michael Dua will assist us with two drones and a vehicle as technology is becoming a major compliment in everything in life.” Detective Yatefa said.

The two officers from the hospital assisted in raids conducted in Omkolai (Gumine), Elimbari (Chuave) and Sine Sine Yongomugl.

Provincial Police Commander Jacob Singura said he was happy with the performance of drug squad and commended those who supported them.

“I read about the good job the Drug Unit was doing while serving in other provinces. I am happy now to be leading a hardworking team,” Superintendent Singura said.

Last week, the Drug Squad uprooted 761 grown marijuana plants in a hidden plantation in Gabakure, Sine-Sine District. The suspect fled when the team raided the plot.

According to locals, the suspect kept a close guard of his plants and shot anybody who went near his crops with slingshots and sometimes assaulted them.

Chief Singura appealed to marijuana cultivators and pushers to stop from their illegal activities as it was not only killing but destroying the future of many young people.

He thanked former Governor Noah Kool for having worked closely with the Drug Squad, adding the interest shown by Governor Dua in assisting them was appreciated. Statement
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