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Whom can PNG trust: Australia or China?

Commentary by Lucas Kiap

Our land, businesses, jobs and resources are our national interests that should be protected at all costs.

But why the Chinese are having outright access to what supposedly our strongly protected national interests?

This is because of our politicians, bureaucrats, technocrats and generally the public servants who are allowing them. We are failing to protect the national interests of our country at all costs.

Let's not be confused about the strong Chinese presence in the country. PNG is part of the global community. Let's learn to accept the fact that foreigners will always be among us, working and living in the country. A country that does not allow foreigners is not a friendly country for citizens of other countries to visit and invest.

We must not forget that PNG is a sovereign country. We have the right to protect our national interests. Every country does that. But we are not and yet complaining to the world that we are being exploited of our jobs, businesses, land and resources. We have ourselves to be blamed.

Chinese businesses they take risks and invests in all countries all over the world. They invest heavily in Australia and America. You will find Chinese cities all over the world.

It is hyprocital for Australia or any country for that matter to complain about Chinese investment in PNG but allows the Chinese to invest heavily in their country. Every country needs foreign investment. They allow Chinese investment in their country but why start jumping up and down complaining about Chinese investment in PNG? Is it not hypocritical?

What Western Countries normally considered as risks but to Chinese it's an opportunity. For instance, if there is no electricity in an area, to Western standards it's a major business risk but to the Chinese standards, they see that as an opportunity to invest into. Chinese are already investing and building Hydro projects worth millions of dollars. The Edevu Hydro project is located in the mountains of the Kairuku Hiri District in Central Province is being built by a Chinese company and will cost 640 million Kina (AU$263 million).

To the Australians, PNG is a very high risk country to invest. The Australian media propaganda always run propaganda stories to frighten investors and tourists to visit and invest in PNG by continueously ranking PNG as a risk country for investors and businesses. The Australian media propaganda is responsible for much of the bad publicity about PNG abroad.

Australia or Western countries will never invest in highly risk countries with high rate of law and order problems and lack of infrastructures but the Chinese can.

With Chinese ready to take major risks our relationship with them will only become increasingly popular. How we make better win win deals is totally upon our leaders and those who are in charge of this country.

Our relationship between China is of paramount importance that needs to be further explored and nourished. Equally important is our relationship with Australia as we share a common history and closest neighbors.

Photo: Noble Center - China company building the 23 storey Noble Center at Downtown in the Central Business District of Port Moresby. This will be the tallest building in PNG.
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