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Raminai raises concerns on retired Public Servants

Kagua Erave MP has raised concerns on public servants who retired to contest elections that are still been employed by certain government departments.
MP Wesley Raminai raised concerns on the floor of parliament last week questioning the minister responsible Elias Kapavore if there is a list in his department of names of public servants who allegedly pretended to retire for elections rather requested for leave.

Minister Kapavore responded saying there is a list of names from certain government departments and said such instances are an abuse of process.

Mr Kapavore called on government departments to send in a list of this public servants for appropriate actions to be taken by his department.

Ijivitari MP Richard Masere also raised similar concerns on retired public servants that resigned to contest the elections who are still occupying state owned houses.

Mr Masere said many public servants in his electorate who retired are still occupying these houses affecting other public servants who are supposed to be in those houses but are leaving in settlements and coming for work.

He asked Mr Kapavore if there is an exit plan for retired public servants who are still occupying these homes.

Mr Kapavore responded saying this was an abuse of process by the public servants and he will discuss with the housing minister to see that relevant changes are made to address this issue. 

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