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Open Heart Surgery Team in PNG focuses on Nurses

The International Open Heart Surgery team will focus on training nurses and the local surgeons and cardiologists.

Deputy Chairperson for the Port Moresby General Hospital Board and the Coordinator for Operation Open Heart Cathy Johnston stated this upon her arrival with the International Open Heart team in Port Moresby yesterday from Australia.Nurses are important because without them, operations cannot be done and programs cannot be run.”

     “Nurses will be the center of the training for the first time because without them, operations cannot take place and doctors will not be able to work alone.” She stressed.

Darren Wolfers, Coordinator for the Open Heart International medical team, further stated that his team were only in the country to observe and not to perform any surgeries as all the work would be done by the local medical team.

“The goal this week is not to operate on hundreds of patients but for the local team to do the operations themselves,” he said.

“Ït’s not about the quantity but the quality, we are looking at about 10 or 12 patients to be operated on this week.”

Meanwhile, the International Open Heart Surgery team looks at creating a heart centre for the country that could be called Papua New Guinea (PNG) National Heart Centre. Legend FM/ PNG Today
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