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More bridges for Momase : Nali

Works Minister Michael Nali has announced that nine new bridges will be built at a cost of more than K10m for Madang and Sepik coastal highway linking East and West Sepik provinces.

Mr Nali announced the good news in Parliament on Wednesday when answering questions from Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi in relation to the collapse Banab bridge, the deteriorating Karkar Island ring-road and what plans he had for the aging bridges in Madang. He said the government wanted to promote local businesses on taking such task but had faced challenges. “Banab bridge, we engage a local contractor and gave some money but the contractor found it hard to start and because of that we terminated the contract and gave it to East-west Constructions, based in Lae and they are starting work now. Like all roads in the country, for Karkar ring-road we have little money coming in but there are many roads to fix. Karkar has big population so when funds are available I will help. Under a program with some development partners have committed money to build bridges in Momase which Madang will get six new bridges and East and West Sepik coastal highway headed by Haiwain, will get three new bridges,” Mr Nali said.

“The department has received no- objection letter already and thanks to European Investment Bank which gave Works clearance this week to work on submission to tenders board who should seat next week and because the project is worth more than K10m, I will take the submission to National Executive Council (NEC) and as soon as it’s approved we will award contract for the bridges.”
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