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China describes media reports on its aid to the Pacific as false

The Chinese Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Xue Bing has described Western media reports on Chinese aid to the country and Pacific Islands as “false”.

He said: “Chinese relations and cooperation in the economic and trade relations, the purpose of China in doing so is to help the local economic development and such a progress of the country.

“And we don’t harbour personal interest, we don’t want to have a political gain or strategic presence in this area.

“There have been reports on western media attacking China’s relation with PNG and island countries a lot, but this is totally false.

“Our relations are transparent cooperation and benefiting people in real time, we will continue to do so,” Bing said.

The Ambassador was speaking at the handing over ceremony of vehicles donated through the Chinese Aid in assistance for APEC.

In attendance was Minister for APEC Justin Tkatchenko, Minister for Planning Richard Maru, Minister for Inter-Government Relations Kevin Isifu, APEC Authority chief executive officer Chris Hawkins, chief fire service officer Bill Roo and members of the China Ministry of Commerce and other delegates.

Ambassador Bing said the presentation of vehicles was to demonstrate the friendly feeling of the Chinese people to Papua New Guinea.

“We hope that this small token will contribute to success of upcoming APEC meeting, after APEC, these vehicles will benefit the local people, that’s the reason why the Chinese government is doing
such assistance.

“China and PNG enjoy good relations in terms of political trusts among both leaders and their people, the Prime Minister of PNG Peter O’Neill personally invited the Chinese President to visit the country with the president accepting the invitation.

“Both sides are working together to prepare on such an important visit, I am confident this visit will be a success and historical.

“Economic and trade relations are also benefiting our people, we’ve been doing a lot in trade and PNG is enjoying surplus. We will continue to keep that trend and also people to people links are increasing.

“At the end of this month, there will be an inaugural flight from Port Moresby to Shanghai so that will be a first direct air link between this region and China.

“I want to congratulate my colleagues from PNG government for efforts to make it happen.

“I believe our PNG friends want to continue our good friendly relationships even after APEC, looking beyond APEC I’m sure relations will continue,” he said.

Meanwhile, with the state visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping slated for a day before the APEC Leaders’ Summit, questions have been raised about the flying of the Chinese flag before such an important meeting.

However, Minister for APEC Justin Tkatchenko has quashed fears of having the flag flown predominately during the Leaders’ Summit.

“State visits have their protocol and that includes flying their flags; their (Chinese) flag will be removed before the Leaders’ Summit begins on Nov 17,” he said.

Tkatchenko said that on the evening of Nov 16, the end of President Xi Jinping’s state visit, the Chinese flags will be removed and replaced with APEC flags before APEC leaders arrive.

He said that the Chinese flags will only be flown along the routes to sites that President Xi will be visiting and where he will be staying.

“The Chinese flag will be raised along Sir John Guise Stadium, Independence Boulevard, along Independence Drive towards Parliament House and along the road to the Chinese-built Butuka Academy.

“The flags will be flown only along the roads that the president will be travelling on for his official duties while he is in the country and where he will be staying.

“There is nothing to worry about, we have a carefully-crafted plan to arrange all APEC flags to be flown during the meeting so we are ready,” Tkatchenko said.... PACNEWS

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