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Contactless technology to boost confidence: ANZ

The  ANZ Bank has announced that Fiji has joined seven other Pacific Island countries in the introduction of UnionPay — a high security payment system widely used and trusted in China.

Speaking at the launch event Tuesday, ANZ Fiji country head Saud Minam said introducing the contactless technology to its EFTPOS terminals would increase the confidence of Chinese tourists.

“With the number of Chinese tourists and business people visiting Fiji and the Pacific increasing every year, it’s important we provide more convenient and secure ways of paying for products and services,” he said.

“Chip technology and contactless payments are fast becoming the global standard for card security because it is harder for card details to be fraudulently copied than older-style cards where information was stored on a magnetic strip.”

Minam said as the market leader in the Pacific, ANZ would continue to deliver new digital incentives for its customers.

UnionPay chairman Ge HuaYong said the introduction of new technology was a huge boost for Fiji.

“As the preferred payment brand for Chinese people, UnionPay aims to provide safe and convenient payment services to our cardholders visiting the country,” he said.

“Our deepened partnership with ANZ, our significant partner in the Asia-Pacific region, will give our cardholders better payment experience while bringing more customers to local merchants and thus realise a win-win result.”

Fiji joins Australia and New Zealand where UnionPay cardholders can make contactless payments at ANZ EFTPOS terminals.

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