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Paska Concerned UPNG VC Selection ‘Tainted’

The PNG Trade Union Congress has expressed grave concerns about the governance process at the University of Papua New Guinea.

PNGTUC president John Paska said reports coming out of the university painted a very disturbing picture which gave cause for alarm over administrative anomalies which were apparently being swept under the carpet because people were either too apprehensive to expose them or too comfortable to care.

“I am here not only as president of the PNGTUC but also as a concerned sponsor of students at UPNG and other institutions,” Mr Paska said.

“A case in point relates to the present assessments and interviews being conducted to appoint a new vice-chancellor.

“All citizens desire that a new competent vice-chancellor be confirmed and that such person is of the highest integrity.

He should also be a person of good standing that passes the fit and proper persons test.

“Seven persons were shortlisted. We do not question their rights to apply for the position. However what we are compelled to question of the impartiality, governance processes and guidelines that were used to do the selection.

“A conspicuous inclusion for instance is the names of an applicant who has been the subject of much criticism over his role in the use of an amount of K23 million which remains unacquitted and accounted for.

“It is bad enough that large amounts of money have apparently been inappropriately used. What is mine boggling is why with such knowledge in hand was it still possible for such a person to slip through the selection process to get his name on the shortlist.”  Press Release
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