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Outcomes of the Joint Weapons Disposal Secretariat Meeting between PNG and ABG

The Joint Weapons Disposal Secretariat of the National Government and the Autonomous Bougainville Chaired by Director General Social, Policy & Governance of the Department Prime Minister & NEC Mr Christopher Asa and Acting Secretary ABG DPAI Mr Dennis Kuiai resolved and recommends to the Joint Technical Team resolutions agreed to at the last meeting held in Arawa, Bougainville, on February 13, 2019. The JWDS resolved to:
1. Referendum Readiness Verification
a. That the progress made so far be reviewed and a team be delegated to outline the next steps forward along with its budget based on assessment of the progress of weapons disposal in Bougainville so far:
b. That the reporting on the criteria to comply with the Four Phase Weapons Disposal Plan is implemented at ward levels and carried out accurately to declare constituencies referendum ready: (safe, peaceful, inclusiveness, and weapons free in all areas)
c. Update progress/ status update of the verification of referendum readiness is determined (completion of checklists): and
d. Endorsed that the checklist are significant in capturing information to determine constituencies referendum readiness.

2. Inclusion of Me’ekamui
a. Welcomes Moses Pipiro as part of the Joint Weapons Disposal Secretariat:
b. Provide Me’ekamui an avenue to take ownership of weapons disposal and maintain inclusiveness to all:
c. Review and endorse Me’ekamui’s Weapons Disposal Activity Plan and provide administrative and financial support where appropriate.
d. Further discussion and deliberation on the Me’ekamui Weapons Summit.

3. That the funding be sourced to carry out and ensure verification is completed accurately and timely throughout the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

4. Recommendations

It is recommended that:
a. The resolutions and recommendations of the JWDS be submitted to JTT:
b. A rapid assessment must be made the verification progress thus far:
c. The Secretariat to assist Me’ekamui finalise their Weapons Disposal Plan:
d. A request is formalised for technical and financial assistance from development partners, in particular, UNDP and DFAT Australia:
e. There is a review of the Weapons Disposal Activity Plan.

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