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Seven Caps farewelled

Seven Community Auxiliary Police officers in Bougainville were farewelled  in a small but significant ceremony at HAHELA, New Dawn FM reports.
The seven served the people of Bougainville for many years as Community Auxiliary Police Officers.
The seven that were farewelled are WILLIAM LEVIN from Selau/Suir who served for 12 years. JOHN MALOHO from Hagogohe served for 27 years,

NCO MURIN RAMEI from Hagogohe also served for 27 years, PHILIP SESEOM from Tinputz did 14 years, PAUL TAMASAK from Peit did 27 years, VINCENT TANAHAN from Tsitalato did 27 years and STEVEN TSERAVAN from Selau/Suir served for 13 years.
The Chief of Bougainville Police Service, Deputy Commissioner FRANCIS TOKURA thanked the seven for their service to the people of Bougainville.

He said it would be very difficult to replace these good dedicated officers who have contributed immensely to the overall Law and order first in their communities and throughout Bougainville.
Deputy Commissioner TOKURA apologised for not supporting the Caps because they are also not supported by the Government.

And He thanked the New Zealand Police on Bougainville for their continued support to the Community Auxiliary Police concept on Bougainville which has worked well over the years.
He said he knows that the concept is being reviewed but would like New Zealand to continue with its support to the Bougainville Police Service.

Deputy Commissioner TOKURA also thanked the families of the seven retirees for their support and understanding during the time their fathers were on duty and not with them because Police work is very challenging.

The total seven did combined total of 147 seven years of service to the people of Bougainville.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand’s Bougainville Community Police Project’s contingent Commander, A/Superitendent Mark Graham  praised the seven Community Auxiliary Police retirees for their commitment and dedication towards serving their communities over many years.
He said that we are all here to celebrate the excellent work of seven Bougainville’s Community Auxiliary Police and we wish them on their retirement.
He said that these men and women have demonstrated commitment, loyalty and passion towards upholding the law in their villages, their wards and their constituencies over a significant period of service.
The Commander said that Policing is not an easy job, no matter where in the world you are based, but your own community brings with it its own special challenge which requires a special kind of person, they need to have credibility, they must work well with the village chiefs, the community leaders and the communities that they serve.
At the same time they must be impartial, trusted and do their job without fear and favour.
He said policing rural communities can be a lonely type of policing, working in isolation without any assistance from other cap members or from the BPS regulars which means they must also demonstrate excellent communications and people’s skills and maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism.
The Commander said he was very pleased to say that all seven retirees were able to demonstrate these during their service as Community Auxiliary Policemen.

New DawnFM

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