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NCDC distances itself from Rogue behavior of two officers

PORT MORESBY: National Capital District Commission (NCDC) is drawing a fine line between itself and its two reserve police officers who were allegedly involved in an extortion offense.

With their accomplice, they were arrested and charged with extortion by members of the regular police and were locked up at Boroko Holding Cell in NCD on February 14, 2019.

A police statement said in a private vehicle they intercepted a mother and her son at the Jacksons Airport on Tuesday, February 12 when they were smuggling Daka (Mustard) which was airlifted into the city.

They extorted K1300 cash from the mother and her son.

In a statement, City Manager, Bernard Kipit confirmed today that the two suspects Kingston Kenny and Joel Jackson are being attached with NCDC’s Urban Safety Unit as reserve police officers.

Mr Kipit said they allegedly committed the offence when they were off-duty, adding it amounts to the breach of their rules of engagement.

All the reserve police officers and others are duty-bound to lock offenders up at the commission’s own lock-up in Boroko pending formal charges by the District Court and not extorting offenders like this, an angry Kipit said.

Acknowledging their service to the commission, he further said for the best interest of NCDC, he is considering termination of their services if recommended by their boss in a report he is expecting.

According to him, he is also planning to replicate ‘one strike, you are out’ policy within the command.

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