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New Ireland announces new Road projects in 2019

Governor Sir Julius Chan announced major roadwork to commence this year on the East Coast of Susurunga and Konomala areas of Namatanai under the NI Government’s road upgrading and sealing program throughout the Province.

On invitation to a full day of projects launching last Saturday, the Governor Sir J told people at the first gathering at Muliama that his Government was ready to work with their landowner company, Tasukolak Ltd and Santawan to upgrade the road from Muliama all the way to Metlik in the Konoagil LLG.

Before launching the Timber Mill project for Ward 1 of Konoagil and road building machinery and fishing equipment for Tasukolak, Sir J said he wants to see the Logging Company, Santawan, to take up the challenge and do the initial clearing and grubbing on the road as its social responsibility obligations to the communities where it has been logging.

He said his Government set aside K3 million in the 2019 Budget to upgrade the Muliama toMetlik road and Tasukolak would partner with Santawan to follow through with the upgrading and bring it up ready for sealing in the long term.

Sir J and staff accompanied by the Director for Subsidy Office, Ms. Iola Tamtu, then stopped at Samo village and Lipek Health Center grounds where they launched two more Timber Mills for Wards Five and Three in the Matalai LLG purchased under the Ward Level Projects policy.

The Governor drew wide applause in announcing road upgrading and sealing work to revert back t the section between Lipek and Rativis that had gotten worse in many places after the continuous rains and runoff making travel very rough and uncomfortable.

Work on this section of Lanzarotte Highway was stopped at Rativis because of the Red Flags put up by supporters of NA and the Road Contractor, PNGSJ, took to the current section between Lipek and Porpop where road sealing is soon to start.

Sir J said PNGSJ will revert and commence upgrading and sealing from the end of new road construction at Lipek and work its way back to Rativis. “My Government has no time to play around.  The Government will go to those who are prepared to work.

He called on those present at all three venues to respect the work of their forefathers stating that they were men of vision, they were the pioneers.

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