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PNGSDP Is A Private Firm With Morauta As A Shareholder: PM O’Neill

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has warned the Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch not to be deceived by misinformation about the deal between Sir Mekere Morauta and BHP that created the private company which then mortgaged PNGSDP shares.

Mr O’Neill said the facts are irrefutable that PNGSDP Limited is a private company with Mekere Morauta as its first listed shareholder, according to the documents received.

“A recent companies search confirms that Mekere Mourata, and three other individuals, are shareholders of this private company in Singapore,” the Prime Minister said.
“There is no trust arrangement on behalf of the people of Western Province or the Western provincial government.

“To claim that this is some kind of charitable fund is simply a lie, this is a private company that is not accountable to anyone in Western Province or any government oversight agency.

“The filing of the annual return by a local company that is certified by the Singapore Government Register of Companies and Businesses, and the Singapore High Court has confirmed these details.

“There can be no denying that our people have been deceived by Sir Mekere’s claims and he is still lying.
“Our government will continue to pursue this matter to ensure control of the funds is given to the people of Western Province, and to bring to justice those who have
acted in a criminal manner.

“The environmental devastation that came from the Ok Tedi mine, under the control of BHP as one of the world’s largest companies, killed and poisoned thousands of our people.

“The PNGSDP money was supposed to help rebuild lives and must be given to the people of Western Province.”

Mr O’Neill said the history of the way PNGSDP Limited was established, through a personal arrangement between BHP and Sir Mekere was dubious and details would eventually come to light.

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