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Port Moresby City Authorities clamp down on expired Food items

PORT MORESBY: The National Capital District Commission continues to clamp down on overdue or dented food items which are posing public health risks in the city and remove them from the shelves of shops.

This morning, a joint team comprising of public and environmental health officers from the National Capital District Commission thoroughly removed expired and dented varieties of tinned fish and hot dog from 9-Mile Plaza’s shelves.

They walked away with a trolley full of confiscated varieties of tinned fish and hot dog estimated to be valued over K500.

This operation stemmed from someone (named) complained on Facebook this morning that the shop was selling canned sausages with expiry dates scraped off deliberately to avoid them being reported.

After a clean sweep, the team served the shop’s operations manager Henry Lin- with the Certificate of Food Seizure or Condemnation-warning the shop owner not to sell such food items again, as failing to do so may result in closure of the shop or the Commission recommends to have their trading licence cancelled.

Responding to another complaint about the sales of overdue frozen goods posted on Facebook, a similar operation was conducted last December at Desh Besh shop in Konedobu and confiscated the whole food items and dumped them at a dog pound in Waigani.

Senior Environmental Health Officer, Silas Johnathan warned shop owners to be wary of laws prohibiting such practices.

“The alleged shop and others will closely be monitored during our routine inspection to avoid re-occurrence of the same practice.

He said after hosting the APEC Leaders’ Summit, Commission and Governor Honourable Powes Parkop’s vision and instructions are for contractors and officers to lift them game to do their bit by creating a city that is healthy, safe, peaceful, active, great and smart.

He said the food items posed public health risk, adding there are few others selling food items that are not fit for consumption.

He urged the public to report immediately to the City Hall ( Health Division) of any allegations on food safety or public and environment health issues on Telephone: 323 3212 / 3240 637 or NCDC Toll Free number: 1800002.

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