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Manasseh Sogavare elected Prime Minister of Solomon Islands

Member of Parliament for East Choiseul Manasseh Damukana Sogavare has been elected to serve as the 11th Prime Minister of Solomon Islands.

An official announcement was made by Governor General Sir Frank Kabui at Parliament House on 24 April 2019 following successful elections carried out by the 50 Members of Parliament.

According to the announcement Prime elect Manasseh Sogavare polled a majority of 34 votes. It is understood that members of the Matthew Wale led Grand Coalition group have worked out of parliament before the election due to dissatisfaction with the Governor General’s decision to continue the election despite being aware of the High Court order to defer.

A High Court decision was made due to a pending civil case made against Mr. Sogavare by political rival Matthew Wale regarding the legality of his PM candidacy. The ruling by the GG has allowed parliament to convene and successfully carry out the election of Mr. Sogavare.

Prime Minister elect Manasseh Sogavare will serve as the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands for the fourth time. Mr. Sogavare leads the Our Party group, one of the political parties which form the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement Group and is regarded as one of the very senior and most experienced politicians to have served in the political environment of Solomon Islands.

In his remarks after the victory announcement PM elect Sogavare assured the country that he has taken into consideration various calls by members of public for change and that as soon as his government is formed within the coming days they will chatter the course of this country for the next four years.  Source: Pacific Trends

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