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Marape Step Down 'Desperate Attempt', says PM O'Neill

PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has described the alternate Prime Ministerial Candidate James Marape's stepping down as a desperate and last-ditch attempt in the public arena - one which is aimed at trying to convince leaders to support his ambitions.

PM O'Neill
PM O'Neill said that Mr Marape is still trying to convince leaders to support his personal ambitions to change the Government that has been mandated by the people.

Mr O'Neill is alleging that Mr Marape never put forward any constructive policy documents in the seven years he was a minister in Government, that is why many leaders are not supporting his cause to change the government.

He also added that his suggestion to look for candidates for possible nomination as an alternative Prime Minister is unnecessary, and not good for the country, because leadership nominations are not something to be passed around like a football.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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