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MPs need to formally resign, says Gelu

The Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, Dr Alphonse Gelu, has revealed that only three Members of Parliament have formally resigned from their parties to date.

Over the past days there've been an exodus of MP's moving away from the government to form a break away group led by Tari-Pori MP and former Finance Minister James Marape.

However, Dr Gelu says, of all these movements and resignation from the ruling People's National Congress Party, only three MP's have formerly resigned from the PNC and joined new parties.

"They include the governor of Enga Sir Peter Ipatas and Esa'ala MP Steven Davis.

"Both of them have gone back to the People's Party, and also Wosera-Gawi MP Joseph Yopiyopi who resigned from the PNC and joined up with the Melanesian Alliance party.

"So those are the only three MP's that have completed and fulfilled all the requirements that the Register of the Registry of Political Parties has in place," Dr Gelu said.

Dr Gelu says the resignation process is simple and MP's must comply with it.

"Its very simple and straight forward. The documents would include a resignation letter to the (current) party, his (interest) letter to the other party stating his intention to join, and document showing that party accepting the MP into that party.

"Those are the documents that we need," Dr Gelu said.

NBC News/PNG Today

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