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PNG Politics : Parliament adjourned to May 28

The Peter O’Neill led government have skipped a likely voted of no confidence by adjourning Parliament to May 28.

A majority vote of 59 to 50 (Opposition) has allowed this to take effect.

The adjournment was after several successful motions being moved by leader of government business and Gumine MP Nick Kuman this afternoon.

The first motion was to replace Governor for Southern Highlands William Powi and Governor for Hela Philip Undialu as members of the Private Business Committee.

The private business committee whom the Speaker is the chairman vets the motion of no confidence and authorises whether it should be entertained or not.

Powi and Undialu who are part of the breakaway group from the People’s National Congress led coalition and sitting in the Opposition this afternoon have been replaced by Mul Baiyer MP Koi Trappe and Henganofi MP Robert Atiyafa.

Trappe and Atiyafa are still with the Peter O’Neill led coalition.

The vote of no confidence was anticipated to be moved on May 16. Post Courier/PNG Today

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