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PNG Politics Update : Tari - Pori MP James Marape is Alternative Gov't PM Nominee

Tari Pori MP and Former Finance Minister  James Marape is the nominee for the Prime Minister post for the upcoming Vote of No Confidence. PNG Opposition leader Patrick Pruiatch announced in a media conference in Languna Hotel awhile ago  that Hon. Member for Tari Pori is  the nominee for the Prime Minister's post.

The Opposition Camp at Languna hotel chose Marape to challenge Prime Minister Peter O'Neill during the VONC. Hon. It is understood that Mr.Marape will lead the Christian Democrat  Party

Speculation of who would be the alternate PM was debated with that speculation now put to rest with Mr Marape accepting the nomination.

“I am ready and we will stand the test of time,” Mr Marape said.

“We are ready to change this country with transparency and accountability as the order of the day.”
He said the changes were needed to see the country grow.

“When ministers of state concede to not being part of the prime minister’s cabinent run solely by someone who has personal interests that is not in the interest of the country, then that is indication of what has gone wrong and we have had to come out,” Mr Marape said.

“We have forged unity and the opposition to come out in one accord to give me the support to be prime minister. For that I am comforted having experience by my side.”

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