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Singaporean Consultant MK Vamanan Nair urges PNG police leadership to run police force as a business

Consultant and former Singaporean police officer MK Vamanan Nair has urged the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary leadership to run the police force as a business.
Mr Nair said the police force should run as a business to better serve its customers who are the people of Papua New Guinea.

Mr Nair made this statement during his presentation to senior officers of the RPNGC recently at the Police Commissioner’s Conference in Port Moresby. The theme of the conference was “Strengthening our leadership responsibilities to improve service delivery”. The conference was attended by senior officers from Police headquarters, as well as all the divisional and provincial police commanders from around the country.
Mr Nair was invited to deliver his address titled “Police Leadership with a Commercial Perspective” by the Commissioner of Police Mr Gari Baki.
Mr Nair highlighted in his presentation that the Police Service, just like any other organisation, should understand the commercial aspects involved in running the Constabulary to make it efficient, effective and stable. He urged the Constabulary to dedicate time and effort to the processes involved in policing and assured that the outcome, though maybe slow in the beginning, will be achieved in the end.
He said the discipline involved will ensure that the processes will run the system and the system will run the business. He also highlighted that all Police Officers should be aware of the Work Flow, People Flow and the Cash Flow of the business to be in full control of the desired outcomes.
“In short the Police Force should run as a Business to serve their customers, who are the end users and people of Papua New Guinea. That will be the way to win the respect and confidence of the people to support the Police,” Mr Nair concluded.
Police Commissioner Baki said that Mr Nair’s presentation was the highlight of the week and it set the scene for the conference and helped the police senior management to understand what leadership is about and what is expected of them as police officers and leaders.
Mr Nair joined the Singapore Police Force in 1975. He has over 40 years of experience in both public and private sector organisations in sales, marketing, people, processes and business management. He has extensive management training and development experience within the banking, business, insurance and mining industries and has been in PNG for the last 20 years in various capacities.

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