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Road Infrastructure vital for Service Delivery in PNG : Former PM O'Neill

The Member for Ialibu-Pangia and former Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill, CMG, MP, when visiting his electorate recently has expressed satisfaction with a great deal of road infrastructure in his electorate.

On arrival in Pangia station, Mr. O’Neill opted to drive himself along the 32km South Wiru road that was recently sealed and has acknowledged the tireless effort his district has put together with the donor funder to build an excellent road.

“Road infrastructure is key to service delivery such as education, health and transportation of goods and services.

“Without better road infrastructure, such services will not reach rural and very remote areas.

“I see road as the key to service delivery and have put in a lot of effort in building roads around the country to pave ways for easy flow of goods and services,” said the former PM.

He referred to the South Wiru road in his electorate as an example and said that it was difficult in the past for people in that area to access service but now that the road has been built and sealed, people can see its importance.

Mr. O’Neill said with his party policy on infrastructure development, he has built many roads around the country and the honor is on people to utilize it to access markets to sell their produces and also accessing government needed services.
Wiru Loop Road. Pangia 

The Member said the strong policy that PNC Party has developed will continue to change Papua New Guinea and people will appreciate.

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