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Family Demands K20 million Compensation

The extended family of the seven, together with an 8-month unborn child which perished in a fatal fire in Kokopo a fortnight ago, want closure to their grief, demanding a full report by authorities into the cause of the fire, which claimed the family of Bona Aufa.

The caskets were flown into Port Moresby for the final farewell last week.

The funeral was conducted Saturday (10.08).

Michael Ambrose and Alex Aipa, the inlaws of Bona Aufa told  PNG National Broadcasting Corperation News, the untimely deaths revealed what they allege as total negligence by the National Airports Corporation in taking care of the welfare of the family of Mr Aufa.

"Mipla appeal igo long gavaman na NAC ol imas givim wanpela gutpela answer lo mipela long ol investigation na ripot ol i mekim, long satisfaiyim mipla.

"Dai nating na nogat answer em mipela ino hamamas.

"Na ol ibin kam (long funeral) na chairman (bilong NAC), nambatu bilong em, na HR boss, ol ibin kisim dispela demand na petition bilong mipela."

The family also demanded a massive compensation for the alleged negligence.

"So with this we are presenting our petition of K20m for the 8 lives that has been lost.

"We presented this to the National Airports Corporation for total negligence that we lost almost the entire family."

The decease family was transported to Mekeo in Central Province Sunday (11.08), where they will be laid to rest on Monday (12.08).

NBC News is working to get a response from the National Airports Corporation regarding the compensation demand.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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