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A Senior PNG Doctor threatens to resign if Health Secretary is not Sacked

A senior doctor in Papua New Guinea is ready to resign from his job if the Government and Health Department will not attend or respond to their soon – to – present petition.

Chief Emergency Physician at Port Moresby General Hospital and National Doctors Association Secretary, Dr. Sam Yockopua confirmed with FM 100 News that he will be the “FIRST DOCTOR” to resign as they have had “enough” of ignorance from the Senior Executive Management in NDOH to address the deteriorating health system and services in the country.

“I will be the first highly train medical specialist to resign if they, (GoPNG & NDOH) won’t respond to our petition to remove Health Secretary within a seven days ultimatum starting next week Tuesday” said Dr. Yockopua.

Dr. Yockopua said they will finalize their petition for the immediate removal of Health Secretary as well as other Senior Executive Managers in the Health sector on Monday 4:30pm local time and will present to the public and the government on Tuesday with a seven day ultimatum.

The frustrated doctor pronounced his intention to resign to the public following updates from his team this morning that Port Moresby General Hospitals and other public hospitals around the country had;

  • · NO Iodine
  • · NO Crepe Bandages
  • · NO Orthopedic Padding
  • · NO Gauze Bandages
  • · NO other medicines 

He said this came from his team on the ground trying to save lives under painstaking difficult conditions.

Dr. Yockopua called on the government to “sack” the Health Secretary saying he does not know his job.

FM100/ PNG Today

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