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Sir Salamo, Sam Koim to head PNG's Controversial UBS Loan Inquiry

A former Chief Justice and a head of an anti-corruption agency have been appointed to head an inquiry into the acquisition of the 2014 UBS Loan.

PNG Prime Minister James Marape this afternoon named Sir Salamo Injia as Commissioner and Sam Koim as legal council.

Marape says Sir Salamo has been given full authority to make further appointments of other commissioners and put in place a support staff structure as required.

The inquiry will be conducted over 3 months with an approved budget of 4 million kina.

While the recently released Ombudsman Commission's report into the loan acquisition has exposed concerns regarding leaders, the COI will extend to others including the financial institution.

The full terms of reference according to the PM will be advertised in the coming days.

This will also be the case for the findings once the inquiry has concluded.

The start date of the inquiry will be announced once the full commission has been put in place pending recommendations from Sir Salamo. FM100/PNG Today

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