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PNG Schools have greater access but lack Quality : NRI

Papua New Guinea currently has 7298 elementary schools and 3543 primary schools throughout the country.

The National Research Institute's (NRI) Universal Basic Education Program Leader Dr Kilala Devette-Chee told Prime Minister James Marape during a recent visit to the Institute that despite this huge number there are only 219 secondary schools and 114 TVET and vocational schools.

Dr. Devette-Chee says this clearly indicates that while there are more students having an access to education, the available tertiary institutions are not able to cater for all of them.

She says while the Tuition fee free policy has greatly improved access to education for children, the quality is lacking and it is something that must be addressed immediately by the Government.

Meantime, findings from a research conducted by the National Research Institute's Universal Basic Education program shows that although there is a good increase in the access and retention of children for education in the country, there is more to be done to improve the quality aspect of it.

Dr Kilala Devette-Chee says this was revealed through the Institute's bi-annual provincial and district profiles, from which a nation-wide research study was done and completed in December.

Dr. Kilala Devette-Chee says from this study, review is now being conducted into the UBE system for the four regions of the country and it should be completed in December or early next year.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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