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PNG PM Marape not hesitant to send home troublemakers in Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape says he is  not hesitant to send home those causing violence and problems in Port Moresby. He issued the stunt warning  while condemning violence and clashes among members of the Police force and settlers over the weekend where two settlers died and several others got injuries.  Mr.Marape is calling for people not to take law into their own hands.

"Our citizens must learn to restrain from violence at all times.

With violence brewing from many of our city settlements our government proposes the following to ensure our peace loving people in the settlements and city suburbs to live peacefully and co exist in modern PNG.

Our cities and urban areas have become areas where people from all parts of our country migrate into and to control lawful living, we will require all residents of cities to have a registered identification number through our National Identification program that will be linked through the census next year.

And working with lands department and city municipals we will require all people in city to register their address of residence so we account for all who lives in our cities and towns country wide.

Our settlements in hearts of town and cities will be looked at, with a priority to convert to planned suburbs and title preferences to those who have SMEs and are in employment of any form.

Our government will put in a low cost house loan scheme for proper housing to employed Papua New Guineans and working with lands and urban departments we will build proper planned residencies for proper identified people.

We will also start a program to identify people flying into Port Moresby and those towns accessible by air like Kokopo, Wewak, Lorengau, Kimbe, Kavieng, Vanimo, Daru, Buka/Aropa, Alotau and Popodetta.

From next year we will require all citizens and users of transportation mode in our country to have identification cards and upon boarding, they must indicate their place of residents.

After 2020 census , we will link all our citizens to national identification system that will link to our national government’s educational assistance schemes, free health programs or SME assistance schemes etc.

In the meantime PM Marape condemns violence at Erima settlement and says a special team lead by Police Minister to establish what triggers these violence.

If police are in the wrong , people must not use violence to seek justice but resort to justice system to address injustice. “ if my people from Tari are involved, and I will not hesitate in embarking on a program to send those who not in school or employment or SME sector back home.” PM Marape says.


Two dead, several injured as Police clash with settlers in Port Moresby

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