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Two dead, several injured as Police clash with settlers in Port Moresby

Port Moresby's Erima suburb came to stand still as  Police and settlers clashed  on Saturday night.  Two settlers were shot dead by police while several got severe injuries and are fighting for their lives. Members of the commuting public were attacked by Erima settlers on Saturday and again this morning.
According to initial reports, police had gone into the area early on Thursday evening upon complaints that certain tucker shops were illegally selling alcohol. They were met with resistance and a fight broke out between members of the police unit and the Erima settlers. Police reinforcements were called in to contain the situation. In the process two members of the Erima community were killed and a number of others were injured as well including policemen, residents, and commuters.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner David Manning has released a statment saying, the incident will be investigated and those involved will face the full blunt of law.
"The recent fight between Police units and settlers at the Erima settlement in the National Capital District will be thoroughly investigated to ascertain the cause of the fight and take appropriate action.
As you would appreciate, the situation is still tense and details are sketchy at this point in time''

"Police Minister Bryan Kramer NCD/Central Acting Divisional Commander Tony Wagambi Junior and myself addressed members of the Erima community this morning, urging them to allow free access to the travelling public. We promised them that we will undertake a full investigation into the incident, and deal with everyone who were involved. If any member of the Constabulary has broken the law he or she will be dealt with severely.
There are reportedly two deaths so far and I do not wish for more deaths or injuries to occur nor do I want to see more damages done to both public and private property. I am appealing for calm and common-sense to prevail whilst the investigation gets underway.
With that being said, the Constabulary is quite concerned about the general law and order situation within the NCD. The population of the capital city of PNG has an estimated population of 1.2 million people. This number I am told is increasing on a daily basis as we have people coming in from the other provinces.
Unplanned settlements are increasing at an alarming rate and if not contained will pose a serious law and order challenge for the NCD police.
We need to take a keen interest and manage these issues. All Government agencies including the National Capital District Commission have a role to play in our development. But one fail to adequately attend to their responsibilities this then becomes law and order issues.
For the city we need to ensure that city regulations and requirements are being complied with. All buildings being erected within the city limits must get the necessary approvals including building board approvals. Shops must be issued with licences to trade. Liquor licences should not be given to everyone and should be restricted. It appears that almost all tucker shops within the NCD have liquor licences. Are these licences genuine?
I will call upon the NCDC to in the first instance revisit all the liquor licences given out so far with a view to cancelling those especially within residential areas. The sale of alcohol should be encouraged only at main shops, bars and restaurants and not in residential areas especially within the settlements.
For the Constabulary as Acting Commissioner I intend to drive change through effective leadership and discipline. I will be demanding for improved police performance, improved discipline and more accountability. We are a service oriented organisation and will strive to serve our peoples wherever they are, whoever they are, without fear or favour, malice or ill-will''.

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