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Two men dead as Tribal Fight Intensifies in Simbu Province

Two men, one each from the Kamanuku and Silku tribe have been killed in a tribal warfare which started last Tuesday, right after the 44th Independence celebrations in Kerowagi, Simbu Province.

Simbu Provincial Police Commander Senior Inspector Joseph Singura told FM100 News, the fight erupted from election related issues dating back to the 2012 and 2017 National General elections and the recent Local Government election.

PPC Singura says on the 22nd of July this year, before the commencement of the LLG elections, a man from Kamanuka was gunned down in a cold blooded murder by a fellow tribesman who had signed allegiance with the Silku tribe.

He says the murderer is still on the run however his accomplice has been arrested and charged by police.

The frustration in the delayed apprehension of the suspect erupted last week Tuesday which saw the two tribes going into tribal warfare.

PPC Singura says the tribesmen are using very high powered weapons, hence police couldn’t contain the situation which had intensified again this morning.

PPC Singura has discussed with the Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Donald Yamasombi to release the Kerowagi based Mobile Squad 8 who are currently assigned for security at the LNG sites to return and boost the police manpower in Kerowagi.

He says the fighting had disrupted schools, especially students who will be undergoing national examinations and also the traveling public.

Photo: Police personnel negotiating with tribe members for peace mediation last week.

Fm100/ PNG Today

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