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Cancer Surgeons Lacking in PNG

Papua New Guinea's Gynecologist, Dr. Mathias Sapuri said, the country is lacking big time with highly skilled surgeons who can conduct complicated cancer surgery.

Dr. Mathias Sapuri told a cancer awareness program at the parliament house yesterday that, currently there are only four of them, three in Port Moresby and one in Alotau that conduct complicated cancer operations.

He said there is a need for training more people to do advanced cervical cancer screening and operation.

Dr. Sapuri further explained, in other general hospitals there are surgeons but those are general surgeons that can only do general surgeries and not complicated surgery to remove cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus or H-P-V vaccination is the way forward to prevent the high number of cervical cancer- related deaths in the country.

PNG's Gynecologist says if this vaccination program is fitted into the country’s health system, it would help prevent cervical cancer incidences and deaths.

Dr. Sapuri said this during a cancer awareness program staged by the National Parliamentary Service in Port Moresby.

It is part of the Pinktober event held in October every year to show support for those families and individuals who have been or are currently affected by cancer.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mathias Sapuri says cervical cancer is becoming very common today because females are having sex at premature ages.

"Sex in the past was seen as a taboo so many women have sex only after marriage, but today females are having sex at ages around 11 and below through sexual assaults.

"In the last 10-15 years, cervical cancer was not common and it was a disease ranked as the tenth, but now it has gone up to be the number three top disease in Papua New Guinea," said Dr. Sapuri.


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