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Core Group for Bougainville Independence

The Bougainville Unification Core Group is openly campaigning for the choice of independence in the November referendum of the autonomous region.

The core group is made up of very senior and influential figures representing the various factions which fought during the Bougainville Crisis.

It has since been driving unity, and advocating weapons disposal among people on the ground, a task which could not have been achieved easily or speedily by both the ABG and the national government on their own.

The core ground opened its awareness in a crowded Buin market on Saturday, driving the agenda that Bougainvilleans should prefer independence over greater autonomy when the polls open on November 23.

The core group is also urging people not to be hostile to other interest groups which will be advocating for the option of greater autonomy.

Unlike normal elections, campaigning for the referendum, which the Bougainville Referendum Commission prefers to call 'canvassing', has no start and end date, and has since started, and can continue on even after the polls.

The BRC has since extended the date for interest groups to register in order to canvas the region in support of their choice on the referendum ballot.

That extended registration period will end mid this month.

With the launch of its campaign in the south, the Bougainville Unification Core group will continue until it covers the region.

NBC News/ PNG Today


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