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Description of Greater Autonomy for Bougainville

The description of Greater Autonomy for Bougainville has been described as a negotiated political settlement that provides for a form of autonomy with greater powers than those currently available under constitutional arrangements.
Under the Bougainville Peace Agreement, Bougainville has a high level of autonomy powers for home grown decision-making. When the ABG began in June 2005, all provincial government powers and functions were automatically assumed. Since then, the Autonomous Bougainville Government has assumed additional powers, such as mining. Bougainville has its own constitution, its own political system and its own public service.
Under ‘greater autonomy’, the National Government will continue to support the implementation of the existing autonomy arrangements and provide additional powers and functions to the Bougainville government.
Examples of powers that could be available to Bougainville under ‘greater autonomy’ include:
•Industrial relations
• Foreign aid and Investment
• International trade and civil aviation
• Migratory and straddling fish stocks, Additional taxation and other revenue-raising powers.

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