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PNG's MiBank expands

The MiBank branch in Goroka Eastern Highlands is making inroads in the province establishing agents in rural areas of the province.

PNG MiBank Staff. Photo: MiBank

According to branch manager Steven Ereman MiBank Goroka has set up eight sites already with the recent one in Kefamo village.

Mr. Ereman says that MiBank is suitable for people living in rural areas as it teaches them how to save and venture into business.

Mr. Ereman said MiBank formally known as Nation Wide Micro Bank is aimed at helping local people especially the illiterate one’s to have access to the banking system and engage themselves in small business to sustain their livelihoods.

He said they want to make sure local people who have little or no access to the banking system access bank services right in the village.

He said clients can deposits as much as K10 and beyond anytime through our MiBank agents without fees and there are no monthly fee charges or deposit charges.

MiBank encourages more women to register therefore they women can register for free while men pay K30 to register.

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