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PNG Govt tables K18.8 Billion 2020 National Budget

Papua New Guinea government Treasurer Ian Ling Stucky has tabled the 2020 budget of 18-point-7-billion Kina in parliament on Thursday.

Anticipated revenue for 2020 stands at 14 billion Kina resulting in a deficit of 4.6 billion Kina.

The 2020 budget focuses on human resource development and putting 200 million into agriculture and small to medium enterprises to grow the economy.

Ling Stucky says this is an honest budget and not a fake budget.

The treasurer also gave a scathing attack on the previous government, stating that 120-thousand jobs are missing in the country, and a further 2. 2-billion-kina budget hole was created.

The treasurer said this budget is the beginning of the pathway for the country’s economic recovery.

He said the Economic Mismanagement, was widely acknowledged by the international community especially the Word Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

Parliament has been adjourned to Tuesday the 3rd of December for the Opposition's Budget reply.


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