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PNG Police Chief upset over brutal Police beating

A RECENT brutal Police beating of three men which has gone viral over the social media has angered Acting Police Commissioner David Manning who has vowed to investigate and bring those responsible to justice.
Acting Commissioner Manning said from the video this was a clear case of excessive use of force because the three men did not resist and were continuously assaulted allegedly by policemen as they lay still on the ground.
“Whatever their alleged crimes police had no right to assault the three persons like that. I am shocked at the manner in which the policemen continued to assault the men as they lay defenceless on the ground. This behaviour is not expected of members of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. I will have this matter investigated and the policemen responsible will be swiftly dealt with,” assured Mr Manning, adding that he will be holding commanders and immediate supervisors responsible for what had happened.
“Also the Police Internal Affairs Directorate have the absolute authority to eradicate this bad and unprofessional behaviour so they have to step up as well,” Mr Manning said.

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