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Free Education Policy will be back If PNC Party gets back into Govt : Maru

Former Papua New Guinea National Planning Minister National Planning Minister and Yangoru-Sausia MP Richard Maru says the Free Education Policy or Tuition Fee Free (TFF) Policy that was abolished by Marape-Steven government recently will be brought if the Peoples National Congress (PNC) party gets into government again.

However, he has asked parents throughout the country to pay for their childrens school fees starting next year.

“Parents must be prepared to pay of their children’s school fee come next year,”  He told the people of Yangoru Sausia during an address at the Kubalia Secondary School last week to mark the graduation ceremony.

Maru said the decision was made by the Marape/Steven government and revealed in the 2020 National Budget handed down last week.

“The decision has been made and neither I nor the PNC party can do anything to change it because there is a different party in power.” Maru said.

Maru said it is a decision that he does not support and the PNC party will never support.

“If PNC party gets back into government, we will bring back the free education policy. We will not change our policy.”

Maru explained that Papua New Guinean’s are continuously forced to suffer because of such decisions or changes in policies and anticipates more kids to miss out in getting educated next year because of the decision to stop free education for all.

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