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Koari Landowners Allow Normalcy to Power and Water Services to Port Moresby

Water and Electricity services in Port Moresby returned to normalcy last night after the Koiari landowners were satisfied that their demands were met by the government

After an emergency meeting between government authorities Finance Minister Rainbo Paita met with the landowners yesterday afternoon.

Spokesman Minsy Iarea told FM100 News this morning, Minister Paita ensured the cheque of K4.1 million was raise.

He told landowners the delay and holdup of the release of their funding was due to differences between the Chief Secretary and Finance Department.

It is understood Minister Paita was directed by the Prime Minister to have the issued resolved immediately.

Iarea says A Memorandum of Agreement will be signed tomorrow between the government and the landowners to enable the payment.

The meeting yesterday resulted in the landowners allowing the PNG Power workers to their facilities.

He says they apologized to the city residents for the inconveniences caused.

The landowners also made a promise not to disrupt water and power services again.

Photo and News by FM 100/

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