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Online PNG National Examination Results for 2019 launched

“PNG is well underway in phasing out the manual selection process for secondary students nationwide”
“Come 2020, all selections and national examination results for students will be posted online”
These were the words from the Secretary for Education Dr. Uke Kombra, who spoke today at the launching ceremony of the 2019 online national examination results for secondary students.
The National Examination results for Grade 10 students have been published online for the second year now.
It is a part of making awareness to parents, students and stakeholders, that the education department through the Measurement Services Division usually publishes results for Grade 10 and 12 online plus selections for grade 11 students.
Minister for Education Joseph Yopyyopy officially launched the online national examination results for grade 10 students today at the Gateway Hotel.
Mr. Yopyyopy said, “The selection and results for national examinations being posted online, makes it more convenient for students nationwide to check on their progress”.
He added, “A student will only have to follow the given steps accordingly, log in to their own personal accounts and see his or her results”.
“This online system of will also make it easier for parents who struggle to find out the progress of their children”.

To excess your marks, view the instructions on  the Education news page  :>>  Grade 10 Exam Results 


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