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Five Men apprehended while attempting to illegally sell a vehicle in Port Moresby

Port Morsby's Boroko CID Motor Squad had successfully apprehended five men who were attempting to sell a vehicle which they had hired.

Of the five men, one claims to be a Lawyer while two are policemen. One of the policeman's status is being checked, if he is still serving or has been terminated from the force. Both were in civilian clothes when apprehended.

It is alleged that the person claiming to be a lawyer had previously hired the vehicle from the owner and returned it on time with payment. This time he again hired it and used his two friends to make phone call to set up a buyer.

Unbeknownst to them, the purported buyer had passed the information on to CID Motor Sqaud. The CID Motor Squad members then launched surveillance operations leading to intercepting all five suspects.

The five men were apprehended at a location within Gordons suburb when they went there to make the transaction. The vehicle was also recovered.

The Toyota Land cruiser 10 seater, fully kitted with just over 3, 000km mileage was recently purchased by the owner. The vehicle is in good condition and returned to owner.

Our CID Motor Squad, which deal with crimes relating to stolen motor vehicles, are working on breaking we believe are syndicates.

Owners of hire cars are warned of such syndicates.

We appeal to members of the public, if you know of such instances please report to Police.

Police Media

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