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PNG forces Qantas plane to turn back mid air

A Qantas flight carrying passengers from Australia to Papua New Guinea on Tuesday was turned away and returned to Brisbane.
Police Minister Bryan Kramer told a media briefing in Port Moresby, there were several PNG passengers on board the flight.

He says the Government's position is clear in that PNG will not accept any incoming passengers until the country is prepared to manage the COVID-19 crisis.

Mr Kramer says Australia has a good robust health system and it's better the PNG citizens remain there than in the country.

He says this is until the Government can make a clear assessment on the COVID-19 situation in PNG.

Mr Kramer adds, Air Niugini will run flights every day to move cargo as well as health officers, security forces and government officials or MPs and Governors who need to move to do their part in addressing COVID-19.

He says flights are continuing to Singapore for cargo only, and flights into Brisbane and Cairns for expatriates in PNG who need to return home. Mr Kramer says all other inbound flights have been canceled.

FM100/PNG Today

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