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GESI policy valuable says Commissioner Manning

Papua New Guinea POLICE Commissioner and Controller of the National Pandemic Response Mr David Manning said the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) workshop is valued and will continue to be supported by the management of the Constabulary going into the future.

Mr Manning said more progressive thinking members of the constabulary is needed to better understand where they come from when they make decisions especially in the GESI phase.

Mr Manning said this when making his official welcome remarks at the two-day workshop at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby today. The workshop ends tomorrow (Wednesday 14th October).

He said GESI and other policies are important and significant to the growth of the organisation. He said the members of the Constabulary who participated at the GESI workshop were the future of the organisation.

They understand these policies and implement them at their work places to better serve the communities they are entrusted to serve. He said the workshop helps the members continue to deliver in and as part of an organisation serving the interest of the public.

“In any organisation women are very much the future of the organisation. We cannot progress effectively and cannot transition efficiently without our female colleagues,” Mr Manning said.

He said his background was from the Special Services Division (SSD) but he does not differentiate between sections, or practices regionalism. He said the Constabulary was one organisation they served and the uniform made them united and equal, regardless of gender or where they were from.

Mr Manning thanked the Secretary for the Department of Personnel Ms Taies Sansan, DPM staff, and RPNGC members for making their time available during the opening of the GESI policy workshop.


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